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Matching the winning symbols may cause your boat or submarine to encounter a fateful fate in this game, which includes a vibrant and colorful underwater atmosphere, including various ship and submarine symbols, deep explosives, torpedoes. Wait, with fascinating soundtracks and sound effects. . This feature is often triggered, which makes the adventure more valuable.

By setting up 25 paylines, players can choose from 10 betting levels. The bet level determines the number of coins played by each winning line. The coin value is the amount of a particular coin value. This means that the bet level will be multiplied by the number of lines below (in this case, always 25) and the value of the coin to determine the total bet amount per rotation. Silent Run has six different coin values that players can bet on. The value of the game's coins is: pennies, 2 cents, nickel, 10 cents, 20 cents and 50 cents.